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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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they took the boy to a local hospital for treatment. once the boy was stabilized he was taken to children's hospital in oakland. >> it's sad and we want to get -- we want to know why. why these guys would shoot especially with children in front of the house. that's what we are trying to find out now. there is a lot of questions we need answers. >> reporter: neighbors called the police who were investigating the shooting well into the night. a lot of questions that need to be answered. >> it's unknown that this was a targeted house. we are still working on that. >> reporter: police say the suspects were last seen driving away in a silver honda. the boy's condition is unknown. identify jeff busch, kron 4 news. surveillance video that
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might show the killer. this shows him getting robs and then stabbed. he has been walking? san francisco's japan town. tonight, police are still looking for the man who stabbed him and the attacker's accomplish. >> did it to this one person, they could do it to someone else in the city. >> san francisco is known for people to come all over the world. >> reporter: which was not the case february 18th between goth and franklin not far from japan town. when a 44-year-old man from the united kingdom was attacked by a man seen in this surveillance video. >> he doesn't care. he is going to get what he wants to get. >> reporter: what the suspect wanted was the victim's bag.
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in the video you can see him stab the victim. the man described as a 5'10" african-american wearing blue jeans and a hoodie. >> the female is 5'8" in height. her hair was tied up in a pony tail. i'm not asking if you remember seeing the incident. if you visit that area or work in that area and you have seen two people who fit that description please let us know. >> reporter: the san francisco police officer association is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. this is the city's eighth homicide in the year. >> san francisco police have arrested two people in the
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shooting death outside of san francisco mcdonald's last month. they are accused of killing 23-year-old curtis kale. they don't know if kale's murder was connected to a homicide from which kale was arrested. a 27-year-old woman in kale's car was also shot but she survived. another weapon was stolen in san francisco. this happened in the sheriff's deputy home was burglarized. a bullet proof vest, a duty belt, a san francisco police badge. two federal officers have had guns stolen from their cars from the last 12 months. >> there is a potential that this person could use that
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equipment to possibly stop people believing they are an law enforcement officer. >> if you are every concern of them being a police officer ask for their photo i.d. >> >> it doesn't seem to be a growing problem. the highest profile case resulted in san francisco last june. the gun used belonged to land management ranger who had his pistol stolen from his car. last september a gun stolen from an ice agent. and this last case did not involve law enforcement but it did involve a stolen weapon. in october of last year a gun stolen from unlocked car. police say it was used by three
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drifters to kill audrey in gold gate park. a long time respected santa clara police officer has been charged with felonies. he is charged with storing $75,000 worth of stolen car parts in a local garage. he is facing up to five years in prison if he is convicted. newly release statements by two deputies. he wants them held accountable. he says surveillance video contradicts their story. he says they are trying to justify the beating of the man there. climbing the suspect was reaching for his waistband.
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he criticizes all of the responding officers refused to turn on their body cameras. he points out the two deputies reported it after two days. more bart track closures. bart trains will not be running. starting 6:00 a.m. saturday until 4:00 a.m. monday. workers will replace wooden rails and other components. there will be a free bus bridge between the south heyward station. kelly talked about updating a system that began in 1972. >> it's all about replacing the worn rails, it is about
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reinvesting. >> reporter: the other closures are expected to take place april 9th and 10th. april 24th. may 28th through the 30th. and finally june 11th and 12th. >> we tried to choose weekends that were least disruptive. >> reporter: sunday maybe challenging for those trying to ride this line. >> we know this is not convenient, it is not ideal. >> reporter: riders can expect closures in the near future. they are planning to replace eight miles of track. >> the news not going well for some bart riders but many say they understand why it is happening. >> i just say inconvenience can be irritating especially if you
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have a designation to get to. >> at this time, i'll prefer that than something to happen while i'm on board. >> they can expect six weekends of track closures starting tomorrow morning. light rail service suspended also for repairs. crews replacing -- traffic will be detoured on first street in both directions. neighbors being warned the work can be noisy. you can visit for a list of detours. today the mayor banned all official traffic to that state. the law takes away protections
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against lgbt discrimination. local advocates say it puts transgender people in a difficult position. >> the law that was passed on wednesday is the most sweeping antilgbt. they want to do what every one else does in the bathroom is pee in peace and get out. charlotte is expected to host the game. the right things need to happen for the game to stay in charlotte. still ahead, uncertainty how many extremist are at large. confirmation today about two of the americans. if ma dan that thought she was
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fooling neighbors outside her home. she was off key. coming up, the golden estate warriors looking to take one step closer to history. taking on one seed notre dame. highlights around the corner. i'm tracking warmer temperatures. i'll let you know what's in store after the break.
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confirmation today of family loved ones missing. two americans are among the 31 people killed. their names have not been publicly released yet. two other americans are still listed as missing. a top isis leader has been killed by u.s. special forces in syria. he was considered to be the second in command. he handled finances for isis. something went wrong. they said he had a $70 million bounty on his head. the strategy to provide more back up in fighting isis. there are now roughly 5,000 u.s.
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troops in iraq. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittany. breezy conditions. it will stay pretty mild. it will be the warmest day in our seven-day forecast. easter will be slightly cooler. we will drop again as we head into monday. we are expecting windy conditions. our temperatures right now 53 degrees in valet joe. 55 degrees in san jose. a ridge of high pressure that is still in control. you can see that clockwise rotation. that's why our peak and our temperatures will be tomorrow before we start to see a few more challenges. futurecast shows us what we can expect. we will see a few high thin
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clouds. saturday afternoon into sunday you will notice a little bit of rainfall. possibly again on monday. that is due to a weather disturbance that is going to get pretty close to us. kick up our -- drop our temperatures a little bit starting sunday into the start of next week. our highs around the region tomorrow in the mid to high 70s. 75 in napa, 75 degrees in fairfield. 76 in antiovp. as we go into saturday again this will be one of the warmest day of the week. 68 degrees on easter. as we head into monday we drop down to 62. we stay nice and dry for the start of the workweek. our temperatures will start to recover as well as we get into next friday. we are back to 72 degrees.
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we really do have a lovely easter weekend. katharine? >> thank you. it sounds nice. an interesting list that came out this week. >> it's about the greatest basketball team. now the fortunate magazine placed the 50 greatest leaders of the world. it could wind up with a disnasty in the next few years. them and the rest of the warriors continuing for their run for greatness. long time former warrior received his championship ring. then the three-point party started. that is number 240 of the year. a career high for him. steph curry. end of the second.
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clock winding down. warriors into the half up 14. in the fourth quarter dallas try to make it. and then that move. then clay coming in to finish them off. right on target. thompson finish with 40. 128-120 your final with the warriors. with that they become just the second team ever to put back to back 65 win seasons. they are still ahead of the bulls. warriors need eight more w's to break the record. they are back in action against the 76ers. the school announced today that jared will be taking over the program. the 41-year-old is coming -- he has been head coach for the past
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four years. he teamed up with jason kidd in the 1992 season. he transferred to canvas. a regular season conference title. the only bay area team involved in any post season basketball. the group got sweet revenge. stanford versus notre dame. hopefully we can get video to show you that. cardinal had a double digit lead. deadly from three. check this out. carly from way back. banks it in to extend the lead. cardinals win by six and headed for the elite eight for the 18th
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time. some drama at the end. 122 seconds left. michael using the muscle for the go ahead lay-up. bulldogs have a chance to respond. not going to happen, get it out of here. advance to the round of eight. they'll see virginia on sunday. between indiana and north carolina. total domination. marcus page led them all with 21. he passed michael jordan. carolina cruzes by 15. it will be a good weekend of basketball. a's taking on the angels. fortunately not many highlights for them. bottom fifth. get all of it. deep shot to right. his first homer of the spring.
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not enough. halos win by eight. giants taking care of business against the royals. belt a three-run homer. that's his fifth jack. johnny was his best. six strikeouts and six innings. san francisco wins 8-5. that's sports. >> thank you, mark. can't say she didn't try. madonna accused of a elaborate scheme. it worked for a while. stay tuned with inside edition coming up after the news.
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everybody from photographers to a square dancing expert showed up today at easton elementary. the entire student body trying to break the guinness record for square dancing. they have been practicing this
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for weeks. the previous record 800. easton had 850 swinging their partners around. guinness had experts there watching. the school will know in a few weeks whether they broken that record, whether they will make it official. of course, we will let you know too. >> i hope they broke the record. it looked very official with time keeper. >> it was pretty and color. we wish them well. it was a beautiful day for dancing. >> beautiful. beautiful as we head into the weekend. easter weekend. 76 in santa rosa. 75 in concord, 73 in pleasanton. temperatures in san francisco at 66. your easter planner shows most locations in the low 50s by noon. mid-60s for mostly everyone and as we head into your 4:00 hour our temperatures in the high
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60s. we will drop a little bit from saturday to sunday and cooler on monday. >> practically beach weather. have a good night everybody.
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>> born under a lucky star. he survived the terror attack for the third time. >> i feel lucky. does donald trump have a women problem? the forgotten moment on oprah. donald and his first wife ivana. >> we don't have a problem. ivana does exactly what i tell her to do. and ted cruz furious. >> it is a smear from donald trump and his henchmen. >> shandling called 911 and collapsed. paramedics had to kick down his front door to get inside. his haunting tv appearance with jerry seinfeld. did he know he wasoi


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